The Constitution: That Delicate Balance
A 13-part series (1984)

Thirteen one hour programs featuring some 85 distinguished Americans - members of the Congress and the Supreme Court, governors, mayors, a former United States president, judges, attorneys, media executives, and journalists - dealing with the current-day problems in interpreting the Bill of rights of the Constitution.

Series Programs:
Affirmative Action vs. Reverse Discrimination
Campaign Spending: Money and the Media
Crime and Insantiy
Crime and Punishments
Criminal Justice and a Defendant's Right to a Fair Trial
Federalism: The National government vs. the States
Immigration Reform
National Security and Freedom of the Press
Nomination, Election and the Succession of the President
The President vs. Congress: Executive Privilege and Delegation of Powers
The President vs. Congress: War Powers & Covert Actions
School Prayer, Gun Control and the Right to Assemble
The Sovereign Self: Right to Live, Right to Die