Nomination, Election and Succession of the President
From the 13-part series The Constitution: That Delicate Balance (1984)
Arthur R. Miller, Professor, Harvard Law School

Laurence Barrett; Senior White House Correspondent, Time Magazine
Archibald Cox; Professor, Harvard Law School; Former Solicitor General of USA
Lloyd Cutler; Former Council to Carter
Terry Dolan; National Conservative Political Action Committee
Fred Graham; Law Correspondent; CBS News
Orrin Hatch; U.S. Senator, Utah
Alexander Heard; Chancellor Emeritus, Professor Political Science, Vanderbilt University
Ann Lewis; Political Director, Democratic National Committee
Lawrence Longley; Professor of Government; Lawrence University
Barbara Mikulski; U.S. Representative, Maryland
Edmund Muskie; Chadbourne, Parke, Whiteside & Woff; Former Secretary of State; Former U.S. Senator, Maine
Jack Nelson; D.C. Bureau Chief, Los Angeles Times
Judy Powell; National Political Columnist, Dallas Times Herald; Former Secretary to Carter
Donald Robinson; Smith College
Potter Stewart; Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Jack Valenti; President, Motion Picture Association of America; Former Assistant to President Johnson
Clifford Wallace; U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit
Ben Wattenberg; Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
Tom Wicker; Columnist & Associate Editor, New York Times