New Markets, New Challenges
From the 3-part series Profits and Promises (1995)
Charles Ogletree, Professor, Harvard Law School

James Clad, Senior Associate, Asia Pacific Policy Center
Jeffrey Garten, U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade
Seigi Hinata, Minister, Embassy of Japan, Mexico
Edith Holleman, Former Counsel, House Science, Space and Technology Commission
Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International
Edward Hudgins, Director of Regulatory Studies, CATO Institute
Sidney Jones, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch
Jutta Kneissel, Director, IG Metall Education Center
Andrew McGill, Director, Michigan Global Business Partnership
Jiro Murase, Managing Partner, Marks & Murase
Govindasamy Rajasekaran, Secretary General, Malaysian Trades Union Congress
Peter Ruof, Co-Chairman, Kouri Capital Group, Inc.
Henry Schacht, Chairman, Executive Committee, Cummins Engine Company
Norbert Walter, Chief Economist, Deutsche Bank Group