Affirmative Action vs. Reverse Discrimination
From the 13-part series The Constitution: That Delicate Balance (1984)
Tyrone Brown, Attorney

William J. Bauer; Judge, US Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit
Robert Bork; Judge, US Court of Appeals, District of Columbia
Joseph Califano; Secretary of Health Education and Welfare
Harry T. Edwards; Judge, US Court of Appeals
Ellen Goodman; Syndicated Columnist, Boston Globe
Judge Shirley Hufstedler, Hufstedler, Miller, Carlson & Beardsley; Former US Secretary of Education
Irving Kristol; Editor, The Public Interest
Jim Lehrer; Associate Editor, MacNeil Lehrer News Hour
Anthony Lewis; Columnist, The New York Times
Avi Nelson; Media Commentator and Analyst, WCVB-TV Boston
Eleanor Holmes Norton; Professor, Georgetown U. Law School; Former Chair, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Juan Ortiz; City Personnel Director, New York City
Alvin Poussaint; Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Charles Rangel; U.S. Representative, New York
William Raspberry; Columnist, Washington Post
William Bradford Reynolds; Asst. Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice
Albert Shanker; President, United Federation of Teachers
Potter Stewart; Retired Justice, U.S. Supreme Court