Life and Choice After Roe v. Wade
From the 5-part series That Delicate Balance II: Our Bill of Rights (1992)
Charles Nesson, Professor, Harvard Law School

Burke Balch, State Legislative Director, National Right to Life Committee
Janet Benshoof, Director, Reproductive Freedom Project, American Civil Liberties Committee
James Bopp, Counsel, National Right to Life Committee
Robert H. Bork, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C 1982-8
Stephen L. Carter, Professor, Yale Law School
Barney Frank, U.S. Representative, MA
Willard Gaylin, M.D., President, The Hastings Center
Stephen Gillers, Professor, NY University Law School
Nat Hentoff, Journalist, The Village Voice
Henry Hyde, U.S. Representative, Illinois
Kathy Parker Jones, M.D., Chief, Reproductive Endocrinology, University of Utah Medical Center
Madeleine Kunin, Governor of Vermont 1985-91
Anthony Lewis, Columnist, New York Times
Michael E. McCann, District Attorney, Milwaukee
Carrie Perry, Mayor, Hartford, Connecticut
Anna Quindlen, Columnist, New York Times
Kenneth W. Starr, U.S. Solicitor General