Does Doctor Know Best?
From the 10-part series Ethics in America (1988)
Arthur R. Miller, Professor, Harvard Law School

Marcia Angell; Senior Deputy Editor, New England Journal of Medicine
Joseph Califano; Secretary of Health Education and Welfare (1977-79)
Alexander Capron; Professor of Law and Medicine, University of Southern California
Vincent De Vita; Director, National Cancer Institute
Dr. Willard Gaylin; President, The Hastings Center
Ellen Goodman; Syndicated Columnist, Boston Globe
Diane Heccner; Radiation Oncologist, Central Maine Medical CNTR
C. Everett Koop, M.D.; Surgeon General; Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, US Public Health Service
Paul Marks; President, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Robert Merhige; U.S. District Judge, Virginia
Mortimer Rosen; Professor OB Gyn., Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Mildred Stahlman; Director of Neonatology, Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Faye Wattleton; President, Planned Parenthood
Frank Young; Commissioner, US Food and Drug Administration