Criminal Justice: From Murder to Execution
From the 5-part series That Delicate Balance II: Our Bill of Rights (1992)
Jack Ford, Attorney

Robert H. Bork, Judge, U.S. District Court, New Jersey
Joan Byers, Special Deputy Attorney General, North Carolina
David L. Corwin, M.D.; Director, Center for Child & Family, Dev., Washington U.
Leslie Crocker-Snyder, Justice, NY State Supreme Court
Michael C. Donovan, Investigator, Monmouth Co. (NJ) Prosecutor's Office
Anthony Lewis; Columnist, The New York Times
Jack T. Litman, Attorney
Elizabeth F. Loftus, Prof. of Psychology, U. of Washington
Jerry Nachman, Editor, NY Post
James F. Neal, Attorney
H. Lee Sarokin, Judge, U.S. District Court, New Jersey
Antonin Scalia, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
William J. Sheppard, Attorney
Leah H. Simms, Assistant U.S. Attorney, South Florida
David Waksman, Assistant State Attorney for Dade County, FL