War Stories: National Security and the News
From the 6-part series Ethics in America II (2007)

This program sets up a hypothetical scenario involving a coalition led by American forces. Four years ago, this coalition invaded the Central Asian nation of Khaoistan where warlords had destroyed the central government and were supporting major terrorist activities. Today, the process of rebuilding the nation and fighting off an insurgency continues, covered by a group of journalists based in the capital city. Meanwhile, back in the States, a journalist covering national security issues investigates allegations of illegal phone taps by the government.

Do ethical values ever trump the journalist's commitment to report all the news? Should a journalist ever leak "classified information"? Suppose he/she deems it important for the public to know? In a variety of situations, panelists are faced with dilemmas that reporters face, -- issues that go straight to the heart of one's responsibilities as both a journalist and an American.

Funder: Annenberg Media